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Bank Painting

Best Bank Painting Service near Mountain View CALIFORNIA
Painting Contractors Of Mountain View

Having painted literally thousands of branches across the country we have all the experience, expertise, and trained employees needed to complete any size project. All brands have different standards different budgets and different time frames for work to be completed. We offer free help for the planning of future budget numbers, efficiently scheduling of painting projects, and can give our recommendations on painting and coating specs. needed to properly accomplish all of your painting goals. Here are a few programs we currently do for bank clients:

High traffic painting – Recommended every 3 – 6 months depending on the branch customer volume.          High traffic painting is the routinely scheduled painting of all the areas that take the most abuse from customers, employees, weather, and everyday wear and tear. This usually involves painting of  | doors | columns | restrooms | break rooms | hallways | walls next to teller line | rear office walls ( where chairs rub the walls ) stairwells | and some misc. very high traffic walls (Sometimes only up to 7 ft height)   This program usually costs approx. 25% of a full repaint

Full repaints – Recommended every 3 years (when some sort of high traffic painting is in place). This type of project usually includes painting everything inside the branch. Including spackle work and patching, to bring the walls up to like new standards. We then paint all walls, interior trim, door frames, doors, etc. sometime ceilings would be included other times not.

Maintenance Painting / Emergency painting  – On an as needed basis when something needs immediate attention

Maintenance Painting – This is a situation where something may have gotten dirty or someone marked up walls with pen / graffiti or there’s just some areas the customer wants cleaned up in between high traffic painting and full bank painting. This is just a matter where the customer would call us we would bid, and then schedule the service date.

Emergency Painting – This service would be needed for emergency issues. Some of these issues would include a water pipe busting, leaks caused by weather, fire, or any type of damage caused unexpectedly. In this case we would receive the request and mobilize immediately based on a time and material quote, or a do not exceed quote.

Painting Contractors Of Mountain View has all in-house painting crews that have the experience to complete all of the services your bank may need. Whether it’s / interior painting / exterior painting / emergency repairs / or any other services we provide. Painting Contractors Of Mountain View. will have you covered. Our friendly sales team and professional office staff will regularly communicate with you. They will also keep you up to date on the progress of your project.  At Painting Contractors Of Mountain View our customers always comes first. Our crews will always be available when you need them. We can flexibly schedule your bank painting before, during, and after business hours. We pride ourselves on being reliable and professional. We focus on being courteous to you, your employees, and your customers. We keep our work area clean, and we minimize any disruption in your daily business. We are the most efficient, reliable, and cost effective full service painting company you will ever find Painting Contractors Of Mountain View also has employees that have gone through background FBI checks, We have crime insurance policies, and many corporate level references.

Some of the services we provide for Bank Painting on a regular basis are: | Interior painting | Exterior painting | Pressure Washing | Parking Lot Striping | Wood repair & replacement | Masonry Repairs | Rebranding | Light Pole Painting | Sign Painting | and Many other painting and coatings related to banks. We can work days, nights, weekends, and even holidays to ensure there is no disruption to the bank or customers of the banks.

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