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Parking Garage Painting

Best Parking Garage Painting Service near Mountain View CALIFORNIA
Painting Contractors Of Mountain View

Painting Contractors Of Mountain View – We are parking garage painters that service the entire USA. We do all types of commercial painting and industrial painting but Parking garage painting is a specialty of ours. We have the experience and the knowledge to bring any parking garage back to its original state. All of our parking garage painters have a minimum of ten years experience in commercial painting and industrial painting. We work with | municipalities | private owners | stadiums | Malls | Office buildings | casinos | condo buildings | apartment buildings | Hospitals | College and schools | and any other parking garage owners coast to coast

Some of the services we can provide for parking garages are: / structural steel painting / concrete painting / pressure washing / masonry repairs / steel repairs / caulking / vapor blasting / sand blasting / traffic markings / line striping / waterproofing / clear sealers / non-slip painting & coatings / stair tower painting / lobby painting / light pole painting / railing painting / stair painting / sign painting / sprinkler and pipe painting / and much more.

Parking Garage Steel Painting

Structural steel painting – Most parking garages are built primarily with steel beams, and concrete. due to the fact that the steel is exposed to the outdoor elements it needs to stay coated and sealed to stop from rusting, and corrosion. We can recommend custom specs. that will be designed to give your parking garage painting project the longest life possible. Prep work is the key when painting, or coating steel. We first pressure wash, sand blast, or vapor blast the steel depending on the existing conditions. These processes will remove dirt, loose peeling paint, previous paint coatings, and scaling rust. having a properly prepared surface will be key in how long the coating system will last. We have great relationships and can use materials from all of the top paint manufacturers. Primer is the next key step in protecting the structural steel. Most of the projects we do call for a two part epoxy to be applied before the top coat. These primers will have high adhesion to the steel and will encapsulate any corrosion keep it protected from water, air, etc. and stop it from further rusting. For top coats we prefer two part urethanes this material is designed to cover the primer and will protect from UVs. Urethanes are usually very shiny, have a great finish, and offer five years or more of color

Parking garage masonry painting

Masonry Painting – Parking garages take a lot of abuse from traffic, weather, salt, fuel & oil leaks, and heavy pedestrian traffic. PAINTING CONTRACTORS OF MOUNTAIN VIEW can keep your / masonry walls / decking / stair towers / and lobby areas / always looking their best with high quality masonry painting. We use only the best painting products available and we offer some of the longest warranties in the parking garage painting trade. We will pressure clean | hand tool | apply caulking | and do any concrete repairs necessary before our primers and masonry paint coatings are properly and generously applied. Our Parking garage painters will leave your parking garage, and parking lots looking bright, clean, safe, and attractive to new customers.

Parking garage Line striping

Line Striping & traffic markings – Parking garages are some of the most efficiently designed structures. They are built to use every square inch of area. It keeps incoming traffic going in one direction and exiting traffic going in another direction. In between are well laid out parking stalls | handicap stalls | directional arrows | fire lanes | no parking areas | reserved sections | crosswalks | and numbered or identified parking spaces | If you cannot see these paint markings it leaves your garage at high risks for accidents, and may take away from utilizing the stalls for greater capacity. We will line stripe your garage using solvent based traffic paint that is crisp/ bright and very durable. We can make any corrections needed to update your parking garage to any new building codes.  We will paint everything the colors of your choice, white and yellow are usually the standard colors for stalls, arrows, and misc markings but we can use any colors desired to mark off specific areas. Our Parking garage painters will go the extra mile to make sure your garage looks great while properly functioning and remaining safe.

Parking garage waterproofing

Waterproofing – The biggest problem with parking garages is that they are open, never heated, and They are always exposed to the elements. In the north they are exposed to four changing seasons that bring everything mother nature has to offer like sun, rain, wind, snow, and ice. These elements make it very important to keep your parking garage waterproof. Once the damage starts it continues at a rapid rate and can be very costly to fix. We can remove and replace your caulking, apply clear waterproofing sealers, apply waterproof paint coatings, fix any cracks, voids, or damaged areas that water can penetrate.  Our Parking garage painters will inspect your garage thoroughly and come up with a waterproofing plan that will not only meet but it will exceed your expectations.

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